Building a brand through conversation & culture.


PS21 & MeMe

In Spain, KFC faced a significant challenge as it was perceived as an irrelevant brand, with declining sales and diminishing brand awareness.

Despite its history and global presence, it lagged far behind competitors like Burger King and McDonald’s in the competitive quick-service restaurant (QSR) sector.

Brand Fame and Creativity.

KFC Spain's transformative strategy emphasized brand fame and creativity, focusing on engaging conversations over traditional advertising. This approach leveraged social media and cultural trends, making KFC a relatable and talked-about brand. By outsmarting competitors with creativity rather than budget, KFC revitalized its image, connecting deeply with consumers and igniting widespread discussion and excitement around the brand.


Brand Fame Strategy

  • KFC decided to stand out not through massive advertising investments but by generating fame and popularity through social conversations, betting on creativity and digital media presence.


Social Media Presence

  • The brand moved much of its advertising battle to social networks, leveling the playing field against competitors with larger budgets and fostering an active and committed community.


Conversational and Cultural Campaigns

  • KFC shifted the focus from traditional advertising campaigns to creating conversations and engaging in popular culture, generating content that invited constant interaction and dialogue with its audience.

Increase in Awareness.

Brand spontaneous awareness increased by 22 points, from 4% to 26%, and Top of Mind awareness was multiplied by 4, showing a significant recovery of the brand's presence in consumers' minds.

Dominance in Social Networks.

KFC became the undisputed leader brand in social networks in Spain, dominating all interaction rankings and organically growing its community on Twitter from 6,000 to 886,000 followers.

Market Share Growth.

Despite the pandemic, KFC achieved the highest market share growth within its category, with an impressive 17% increase in value, nearly doubling its market share since the beginning of the repositioning.

Positive Commercial Impact.

Sales and transactions in restaurants saw notable growth, with increases of 258% and 287% respectively, evidencing a trend change and a return to sustained growth.