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To transform society, companies, and brands with the power of creativity.
We nurture and apply creativity to transform companies and contribute to the evolution of society.


Madrid, Spain



Jungle is born in response to the New Era of Creativity.

With our people-centric model, we create unique specialized solutions around our client’s business challenges, by applying creativity across the entire company experience.

From strategic and creative thinking, digital production at scale, product & service design, ultimately experiences and finally, Communication & PR.

Connected companies

PS21 is a creative agency that connects business and society through creativity. Society needs good companies to evolve, advertising is not enough, companies need to go at the speed of culture.

PS21 designs creative & strategic brand platforms & 1000 days plans to help its clients to stay relevant, grow economically, and create a positive impact.


True is PR agency with creative DNA that combines creativity and credibility with the firm conviction to transform public relations and the goal of making ideas the primary focal point. Its objective is to generate meaningful and lasting conversations between brands and society, leveraging imagination and innovation.


ES3 is a digital agency. We facilitate the communication of brands with new audiences, applying strategy and creativity in the generation of digital marketing and communication.

ES3 executes projects via digital channels and focuses on the development of the brand’s social interactions with customers, prospective customers, and society as a whole.


Redbility is a strategic design & business innovation agency. Redbility designs creative trendsetting solutions and experiences to add value to businesses and brands. Innovation and user experience are cornerstones of its culture, aside from its incisiveness and dedication to research and strategy.

Redbility excels in designing and developing apps, products and services.


PINK is a project-basis strategic & creative boutique, with offices in Madrid and Milan, that specializes in creating bold & high-value brand narratives.

PINK focus on the creative transformation of businesses. Its purpose is the creation of value. Since its inception, PINK develops key strategic and creative international projects.


Invisible is a cultural research and futures design laboratory that aims to explore alternative narratives and frames of reference to expand the collective imaginaries of brands and organizations and thus extend the range of possibilities.

The lab works on applied imagination for the creation of future scenarios, narratives, strategies, ecosystems of experience and identities that help to mutate and reframe the corporate world.


PS21 Barna is a creative independent agency that believes in creating a positive impact through innovative ideas and memorable narratives.

PS21 Barna builds brands connecting them to the people and pop culture at digital and tech speed. A mix of PS21 with Barna local flavour.


Libero is an editorial project about football and culture. Football is the starting point to share stories about humanity, because as its motto says: when they explain it through football, you get it. That is where the originality of Libero lives, using the values of the sport to analyse society. Libero has been publishing its issues for 10 years, accumulating experience and prestige among its wide community of readers.


Lúcid is a design agency that combines research, strategy, industrial design and digital design to create planet and user-centric products and experiences.

With more than 40 international design awards and more than 750 projects launched on the market, Lúcid empowers organizations to reach excellence, growth, and distinction through global design strategies.


Líbero Creative Club (LCC) is a creative agency specialising in football that tells exciting stories about football, brands and people.

Formed by a team of journalists, writers, designers, and content creators, LCC connects football, brands and people through strategic consultancy, content and product.


MeMe is a social-first creative agency engaged with organic brand building from social conversations.

Its bet on reinventing the process, starting by banishing the figure of community managers, has led to numerous award-winning successes at festivals such as Cannes, Eficacia, Ojo, Sol or the CDC.


Backstory Timeline

1k Days

It has been 4 years since the transformation and launch of PS21, going from being an advertising agency to an ecosystem of creative companies.

In 4 years, we have managed to grow organically and inorganically, adding 10 companies to the ecosystem, multiplying our business x3 and starting working with large multinationals such as, BBVA, KFC, Haier, Mahou-San Miguel, Inditex and McDonald’s.

  • 2018

    OCT Dommo, an advertising agency, becomes PS21, a creative company.

  • 2019

    APR We acquired ES3, digital marketing agency, to strengthen our digital skills and enter clients such as Grupo MásMóvil.

    JUL Spanish Independent Agency in the most prestigious awards in the world: Cannes Lions.

    AUG We acquired Redbility, a Strategic Design & Business Innovation Agency, to reinforce the consulting and design part of the digital product.

    SEP Redbility adds Inditex as a client.

    NOV We launched True, a Creative PR Agency, to fill a gap in the market and disrupt a mature and old sector.

  • 2020

    JUN PS21 wins BBVA, the most prestigious and largest account that went into pitch that year and started working with SAP.

    SEP True PR wins McDonald’s. We grow in the year of the COVID, especially in profits.

  • 2021

    JAN Scopen Study. 1st Independent Exemplary Agency & Top 10 Global Indepedent Agency.

    FEB PS21 wins Alvalle (Pepsico).

    MAR Scopen Study. One of the best agencies to work for. Top 6. True PR wins Just Eat, HBO and Sixt.

    MAY PS21 wins the Aliexpress (Alibaba) digital account.

    OCT 2nd Global Agency and 1st Indie at Premios Eficacia.

    NOV We re-brand the ecosystem as Jungle21. PS21 becomes the adverstising & content creative agency of the ecosystem

    DEC PS21 launches Toys "R "us Christmas campaign

  • 2022

    MAR J21 makes debut on Euronext. J21 acquires pink, a creative advertising shop with offices in Madrid and Milan. J21 integrates Invisible, a cultural research and futures design studio, to its ecosystem.

    MAY J21 acquires Full Circle Karma, a digital creative agency based in Barcelona.

    JUN PS21, 1st Spanish Independent Agency at Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

    JUL J21 enters the publishing industry with the acquisition of the culture and football magazine Líbero.

    OCT J21 acquires Lúcid, an award-winning industrial and digital design agency based in Barcelona with more than 40 international design awards. J21 and Líbero launch Líbero Creative Club, the first creative agency specialized in football. Eficacia Awards: J21 collects 6 awards (3 golds, 2 silvers, 1 bronze) with 3 different companies (PS21, True & PINK). These awards recognize the result of creativity in the commercial objectives of advertisers. PS21 becomes the creative agency of the year.

    NOV PS21 opens an office in Barcelona under the name PS21 Barna.

  • 2023

    JAN We launch MeMe, a social-first creative agency. MeMe is the spin-off of PS21's social department which, for the last four years, has been reformulating digital communication codes with clients such as KFC, AliExpress and Adecco.

    FEB Jungle21 becomes a B Corp company.

Management team Connected companies

Agustín Vivancos
Beatriz Arce
Victor Blanco
Sergio García
Jacobo Pérez del Pulgar
Paula Marín
Mario Sánchez
María Davila Fernández
Germán Silva
Stef Silva
Enric Nel-lo
Diego Barcala
Marc Fabra
Pol A. Fantoba

Founder & CEO Jungle21

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General Manager at PS21

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Executive Creative Director

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Strategy Director at PS21

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Ecosystem Director of Jungle21

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Executive Creative Director at ES3

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Product and Service Design & Executive Director at Redbility

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Finance Director at Jungle21

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Founder & CEO at PINK

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Head of Invisible

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ECD & Co-founder at PS21 Barna

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Founder & Director of Libero

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Design Director at Lúcid

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Managing Director at Lúcid

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