Redbility transforms COPE’s brand identity

Redbility, Jungle’s brand design and digital experiences company, has developed COPE’s new brand identity with the aim of consolidating its image in the network’s different communication channels. The aim of the project has been to create a unique visual universe for COPE that allows listeners to recognize the brand in any context, whether through the mobile app, the website or social networks, beyond its iconic logo. This cohesion has been achieved by creating a brand design that carefully balances the heritage of a historic brand with a contemporary vision.

The new visual identity process began with an analysis of the channels where the brand has a presence, offline and online, as well as COPE’s interaction with third parties and its audience. This approach allowed identifying opportunities to improve consistency in brand communication, as well as laying the groundwork for the visual refresh across the company’s digital ecosystem. 

‘When my son Pepe showed me the new COPE Identity Manual, my first feeling was one of relief’, explains Pepe Cruz Novillo, designer of the original COPE logo. I am so used to seeing radical changes to brands I have designed, almost always to make them worse -forgive the immodesty-, that in this case I thank the designers for their respect towards the work we did in our studio last century. A brand that I think was still doing very well, and will do even better with this new, very well targeted push’.

One of the highlights is the change in the Pantone color palette to a more vibrant and energetic blue (Pantone 2728C) that brings freshness and vitality to the brand, while retaining its essence. In addition, the renewed Sofia Sans typeface, legible, flexible and assertive together with the adoption of the logo’s characteristic circular shape in the new iconography, allow the brand to adapt fluidly to any context.

‘In an era of constant evolution and innovation, the COPE logo remains relevant and powerful today. That’s why, from the outset, our goal was based on accompanying it with an equally powerful visual universe that adapts to the various channels and different media, especially in the digital realm,’ according to Mario Sanchez, executive and product design director at Redbility.

‘In the current and future environment we will compete for audience attention with other media, but also with new players that, until recently, were outside the media sphere. The new brand universe will help us to create more coherent, consistent and memorable experiences in a context in which identity, values and recognition of our brands is and will be key,’ says Jacobo Menéndez, global communications and brand director at ÁBSIDE MEDIA.





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