Windows to the Future.



“Windows to the Future”, inaugurated in 2024 for Telefónica’s centennial, merges art and technology through the work of six international artists.

The exhibition speculates on alternative futures, blending social, cultural, environmental, and technological aspects to rethink how we imagine the future.

Art, Technology, and Creative Speculation.

In "Windows to the Future," an unprecedented fusion between art and technology is prioritized, guided by three strategic keys. These strategic pillars encapsulate our vision of a future shaped by creative speculation, global collaboration, and education through art.


Global Artistic Collaboration

  • Renowned artists and creative studios collaborate to transcend conventional visions of the future, utilizing emerging technologies such as generative AI and CGI to create works that challenge our perception of tomorrow.


Deep Conceptualization

  • Advised by Invisible in the theoretical development behind the works, guiding artists towards the representation of futuristic scenarios and the importance of conceiving alternative futures, promoting a desired future through art.


Interactivity and Didactics

  • The creative process included group workshops and individual meetings, culminating in explanatory texts that accompany each work, making it accessible and educational, in addition to collaborating on specific narratives like the work "Path" by Boldtron.

Expansion of the Collective Imaginary.

The exhibition invites viewers to expand their vision of the future, incorporating a diversity of perspectives on how technology will impact society.

Drive for Active Reflection.

Each installation not only visualizes a desired future but also motivates visitors to reflect and act in the present to influence the future.

New Form of Cultural Collaboration

Marks the beginning of a new model of cooperation between Invisible and cultural entities, positioning art as a vital tool for exploring and shaping possible futures.

Thematic and Technological Diversity

Highlights the variety of approaches in the exhibited works, from ecosystem protection to dealing with uncertainty, underscoring the crucial role of technology in constructing desirable futures.