Boosting the Digital Ecosystem of Barça Innovation Hub.


PS21 Barna & Líbero Creative Club

PS21 Barna and LCC were chosen as partners to lead a change in strategy and model, to boost the entire digital ecosystem of the brand and become a benchmark in the sector.

Building an Own Media, capable of improving its positioning and results both on Social Media and Inbound Marketing.

More than a Digital Ecosystem.

Creating a digital ecosystem transcends mere online presence; it's about fostering a vibrant community, facilitating meaningful conversations, and providing engaging entertainment. This new paradigm shifts focus towards building a Top 3 hierarchy that places community at the forefront. By nurturing a sense of belonging, encouraging dynamic interactions, and delivering captivating content, we aim to create an environment that resonates with users on a personal level. This holistic approach ensures that each aspect - community, conversation, and entertainment - works synergistically to enhance user experience. The goal is to not only attract users but to cultivate a loyal and active community that actively participates, shares, and grows together. This strategy embodies the essence of a digital ecosystem that is alive, responsive, and continuously evolving, setting a new standard for how brands interact with their audience in the digital age.


Proposing a new communication model.

  • Presenting a new, fresher and closer content strategy capable of entertaining and converting in turn, with a real adaptation to each channel.


Introducing Barça Innovation Hub

  • A benchmark in innovation, knowledge, and education that must transcend and reach society. From the member to anyone interested in sports.


Establishing a Channel Architecture

  • Defining the coherence of the brand's digital ecosystem, maintaining a coherent and consistent message across all user touchpoints and channels.

More than 500k followers

In less than 9 months of relationship.

221% more interactions

Succeeding in impacting and interacting with more users than ever before.

127% increase in CTR

Improving the relevance and quality of all the brand's content.

881% more impressions

Increasingly making more people aware of the value BIHUB brings to the sector.