Strategic Design as a Lever for Transformation and Growth.



Product Strategy Industrial Design and Engineering User Research Market Research

Bellota was acquired by a large investment fund, and the company decided to focus on design as a core element of competitiveness and business generation.

Lúcid was chosen from over 50 design agencies to be the partner that would accompany the company through this strategic change.

Adding value to ancestral tools and creating a solid VBL.

Design Thinking, User-Centered Design, UX Research, and New Product Development to transform the company through design.

Lúcid created an exclusive and dedicated team that supported and trained the Bellota team throughout this evolution: User research across 3 continents to integrate the company's 3 business units (Spain, Mexico, and Colombia), exploration of new market potentials, portfolio optimization, and product strategy; these were the key projects that enabled the chang


User-Centered Design Methodology

  • Incorporation of user-centered design methodologies to define more robust portfolio strategies and products with more functional and attractive designs.


Visual Brand Language

  • Definition of a VBL applied to the product to capture the brand's legacy and values and to provide solidity and homogeneity to the catalogue.


Design as a Strategy

  • We helped change the company's mindset to incorporate design as a strategic pillar.
Visual Brand Manual

300 users involved

Quantitative interviews and qualitative observations in context that allowed the study of all stakeholders.

30 co-creation workshops

In Europe, Central America, and South America.

10 new product families

Winning the most recognized international design awards.