A marketplace for conversion.


After a relationship of 8 years collaborating in the development of different applications and digital products, Roca relies on Redbility for the development of its ecommerce 3.0, the core of its digital strategy. A website that allows to scale and adapt to the different subsidiary brands of the group with a strong international component (multi-language and multi-market).

Versatility and collaboration for success

Roca focused its project on meeting the needs of the brand's different audiences: clients, architects, decorators, etc. A project with a strong commercial and aspirational orientation installed scalability and flexibility from the beginning. With more than 60 modules, the website enables strategic content management. This allowed the marketing team to draw accurate strategies for each market, highlighting its holistic vision. The experience of working with Redbility was unbeatable, both teams converged on common goals for the success of the project.


Optimized shopping experience.

  • Focused on ease of purchase, we implemented an intelligent search engine and didactic filters, as well as contextualized promotions and more than 20 types of product cards for a fluid and differential experience of the leading ecommerce bathrooms.


Source of Inspiration.

  • By integrating influential and motivational content on every page, we seek to position Roca as a constant source of inspiration.


Essential tool for professionals.

  • In addition to its main function, the Roca website becomes an essential tool for installers and architects, with easy access to technical information, manuals, tutorials and relevant project resources.

+10% organic traffic.

By strengthening the brand's online presence, it has been able to attract a constant flow of high quality visitors.

+37% visits to the store finder.

Enhancing the visibility of the brand's physical stores has promoted a more active and engaged interaction with the brand in its local environment.

Substantial increase in purchase conversion.

Reflecting the success of the brand's digital initiatives and driving a substantial growth in gross revenues.

Significant increase in the registration of professionals.

Consolidating a strong network of experts and collaborators for the brand.