Líbero Creative Club, the first creative agency specialized in soccer

Líbero incorporates into its editorial project Líbero Creative Club, the first creative agency specialized in soccer that will unify brands and fans through stories, good ideas and innovative formats. This new project of Jungle21 ecosystem is formed by a multidisciplinary team of creatives, writers, journalists and designers who are experts in soccer, the biggest sports business in the world and the cultural phenomenon that generates the largest audiences globally. 

Líbero is a project that was born a decade ago with the purpose of sharing soccer stories without shouting, from a cultural angle and strong journalistic approach. Líbero Creative Club (LCC) will transfer this philosophy of the magazine to the creative field. The goal is to put at the service of brands the experience that Líbero has  telling stories and narrating emotions. It will offer strategic consulting services (advice brands, clubs and athletes to find their space within soccer), advertising and content (documentaries, podcasts, campaigns, sponsorships or fiction) and product and experience design. Libero Creativo Club’s first project was for the “Mahou Clásico” in collaboration with PS21.

Soccer is the most universal sport and the best vehicle to transmit messages. LCC aims to reduce the distance between fans and brands. Ideas have to speak the language of soccer emotions and we help brands find their place in soccer and clubs and athletes to find their place in society‘, according to Diego Barcala, founder and director of Líbero magazine. Libero Creative Club works as the natural evolution of the classic Líbero magazine claim ‘if they explain it to you with soccer, you understand it’. 

The proposal is clear: to talk about soccer from soccer starting from a different perspective, something that we materialize in 3 ways: helping brands understand their position and relationship with this sport, accompany them in the process of telling more interesting and entertaining stories and, finally, designing products and experiences within this field. Talking about soccer is something deeper than a ball, 90 minutes, fans and a result. It’s about history and stories, cities and belonging, fashion, culture, values and social change. Soccer without shouting, that’s Líbero Creative Club’, according to Jacobo Pérez del Pulgar, co-founder and ecosystem director of Jungle21.

Jungle21’s creative ecosystem is made up of a staff of more than 200 employees and currently includes the independent companies PS21, creative agency; True, communication consultancy with creative DNA; Redbility, digital product and service design consultancy; ES3, digital agency; PINK, creative boutique; the cultural laboratory and future design Invisible, the digital creative agency FCK, the publishing project Líbero, the soccer creative agency Líbero Creative Club and the industrial design company Lúcid. J21 is creating a new company model with a positioning that puts creativity at the center.



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