Jungle goes public

JUNGLE creative ecosystem will be listed on the stock exchange next Friday, March 4, when it joins Euronext Paris, one of the benchmark indexes in the European markets. The group currently made up of four companies is launching its stock market operations in order to continue its expansion process. 

The move will enable the ecosystem to access new sources of financing and investors, build team loyalty and consolidate the strong double-digit growth rate it has been experiencing since its foundation three years ago. The reference value is set at an exit price of 3.14 euros per share and 52 million euros of initial capitalization.

Founded with creativity at the core of its business model, JUNGLE is currently made up of independent companies PS21, creative agency; Redbility, expert consultancy in product design and digital services; ES3, digital marketing agency and True, communication consultancy with a creative DNA. 

With a staff of  150 employees, the ecosystem has been established over the last three years through the acquisition of companies and the launch of new services, positioning  itself as one of the most relevant players in the Spanish creative context.

With this move, the group plans to incorporate new companies with the aim of expanding its capabilities and services. The competitive advantage is creativity and its application to the entire value chain, from the business model to its communication, through the creation of digital products and services. 

”Creativity is the engine of business. It is what differentiates them and what makes them grow. With the IPO, in JUNGLE we want to continue adding companies and creative talent to apply it to the entire value chain of companies. This IPO allows us to have  better financial tools for the acquisition of companies, the incorporation of qualified investors and the attraction and retention of talent”, says Agustín Vivancos, Founder and CEO of JUNGLE. 

The company’s Board of Directors, 40% of which is made up of independent members, is made up of Agustín Vivancos, Chairman of the Board and CEO; independent directors Luis Pérez de Val and Isidoro Martínez de la Escalera; proprietary director Beatriz Martínez; Manuel Giró, director; and Francisco Gallardo, as secretary of the board. 

The group’s entry into Euronext Paris, which includes more than 800 listed companies and 6,200 institutional investors, will enable it to capitalize on the ecosystem in order to consolidate its ambitious growth plan for the upcoming years.



Jungle opens new offices in Barcelona

The creative ecosystem consolidates its presence in Barcelona with the opening of its offices in the 22@ district in Poblenou. An open-plan area of 700 m² located at number 111 Álaba Street designed for teamwork and to encourage the exchange of ideas between PS21 Barna, Lúcid, True and Redbility, the four agencies of the group […]

Dec, 05 . 2023



Jessica Martín, Corporate Strategy Director

Jessica Martín joins Jungle as Corporate Strategy Director and Chief of Staff of Agustín Vivancos, CEO and Founder of Jungle, to design and implement the company’s strategic plans and strengthen its structure in a key stage of growth. The functions of this position will be divided into three areas: cohesion between general management and the […]

Nov, 21 . 2023



PS21, Creative Agency of the Year at the Eficacia Awards

In the 25th edition of Premios Eficacia, PS21 was proclaimed Creative Agency of the Year. For the first time in the history of the awards, an independent agency wins the title of Creative Agency of the Year two years in a row. Furthermore, just nine months since its creation, the social-first agency MeMe has been […]

Oct, 31 . 2023