Jungle acquires technology consulting firm Milú

Jungle acquires the technology consulting firm Milú to increase the portfolio of services and assume the role of strategic partner for digital transformation and process automation of companies in the ecosystem. Founded in 2010 by Álvaro Poyales, Jaime Herencia and Javier Pérez Solero, Milú focuses its activity on the conceptualization and development of digital products, usability and interface design, UX/UI, data analytics and consulting.

The company is made up of a team of 45 people and, among its client typology, retail, technology, luxury, architecture and fintech sectors stand out. ‘We take on projects from conceptualization and design, but our differential value is in the technical part,’ explains Álvaro Poyales. 50% of the people working at Milú are developers specialized in open source software, Python, PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript and Dart, and the average time of permanence of clients is 10 years.

‘The acquisition and integration of Milú in Jungle is the result of a process of search and reflection on the role of technology within a creative and design ecosystem. Its consultative point of view, technological expertise (agnostic to specific technologies), its commitment to creative and valuable projects, and the profile of its team, make Milú the ideal company. It also has digital marketing, SEO, SEM and analytics capabilities, services of great value that complement our offer’, according to Jacobo Pérez del Pulgar, corporate development at Jungle.

‘Since we founded the agency, we have provided value by walking with our clients as digital partners and assembling first-class teams to carry out their ideas and projects. Being part of Jungle will allow us to create great synergies and opportunities, both for our clients and for our team,’ according to Javier Pérez-Solero.

‘As Jeff Lawson illustrated in Lisbon in 2016: “Code is creative”. Creativity is in our vision and we are looking forward to the enormous potential to emerge as a consequence of incorporating a company specialized in technology to Jungle’, according to Jaime Herencia.

The integration of Milú to the ecosystem will provide Jungle’s projects with technological capabilities, increasing the value proposition of the organization and the opportunities for cross selling and combination between companies, one of the main strategic focuses of the creative ecosystem. With Milú, Jungle is comprised of 12 companies specialized in advertising, communication, futures design, digital services, brand strategy and branding.

Milú is the first acquisition made by the ecosystem in 2024. Jungle achieved total revenues of €27.2 million in the last financial year, an increase of 49% compared to the previous year, and EBITDA reached €5.3 million, an increase of 116%. Jungle is listed on Euronext, has been recognized as a BCorp and has recently opened offices in Barcelona.





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