Jungle acquires Business Innovation Consultancy Liquid Lab

Jungle has acquired the fast business prototyping consultancy Liquid Lab to enhance its capabilities and assume the role of a strategic partner in testing products, services, and business models. Founded in 2017 in Barcelona by Aleix Valls, Liquid Lab specializes in project validation through data and its own methodology, Fast Business Prototyping. This approach allows for testing value propositions, minimizing risks associated with product or service launches, and supporting companies from the definition of projects to the implementation of advanced technologies.

The company comprises a team of 17 professionals with specialized profiles in artificial intelligence, corporate venture capital, startup scouting, data analysis, and project management. It operates in various sectors including industrial, consumer, fashion, jewelry, and health. Notable clients include Puig, Zurich, Tous, Caixabank, or Henkel. “Our incorporation in the ecosystem will allow us to position ourselves as the leading company in disruptive innovation and will raise Liquid to new markets and sectors, leveraging Jungle’s strong market positioning,” said Aleix Valls, CEO and founder of Liquid Lab.

“Jungle’s ecosystem adds a strategic capability to continue helping our clients solve their business challenges. This new capacity will allow us to give a quicker response business model validation and new product launches,” stated Agustín Vivancos, CEO of Jungle.

Integrating Liquid Lab into Jungle provides the ecosystem with the ability to validate ideas for various clients, quickly understanding the potential of different products, and introducing new capabilities related to strategy, innovation, business prototyping, and artificial intelligence. The professional use of AI, integrated into each phase of Liquid Lab’s projects, as well as their own Fast Business Prototyping methodology, which allows testing models through data, are the company’s two distinctive technologies. These capabilities will enhance Jungle’s value proposition and cross-selling opportunities within the company, one of the main strategic focuses of the ecosystem.

With this integration, Jungle is now a company with capabilities in future design, digital product and service design, business model design, brand strategy, advertising, and communication. Liquid Lab is Jungle’s third acquisition in 2024, following the acquisition of the tech consultancy Milú and the creative agency BUM. Jungle is a BCorp company.

Liquid Lab is a company that specializes in testing projects, and Jungle is a creative ecosystem, so we have combined capabilities and turned this press release into into a beta e-commerce model. Through this website, fragments of this press release can be purchased as various objects. The project is an idea of the creative collective Casa Jungle, carried out in collaboration with the creative agency BUM, demonstrating not only creativity and innovation but also the potential and natural synergy within the ecosystem.






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