PS21 project celebrates 1,000 days of putting creativity at the center

PS21, Jungle21’s creative agency, has completed one thousand days of life, where the creation of an ecosystem formed by four business units, the increase of the workforce by more than double, and the growth of its revenue by 169%, as three major milestones achieved since its birth, stand out.

The company was launched in October 2018 as the result of the transformation and unification of three companies: the creative agency Dommo, the strategic consultancy Now, and the audiovisual and experience production company Randm.

“Creativity must be at the center of business,” Agustín Vivancos, Founder and CEO of Jungle21, pointed out at the time. “Our purpose is to incorporate a creative on the board of directors of our clients. Companies will have their finger on the pulse of society and creativity will be part of business decision making.”

PS21 was born to integrate creativity throughout the value chain and stresses that now “creativity is at the center of PS21’s strategies.”

On the other hand, the company highlights that since its foundation, its revenues have grown by 169% and its workforce has doubled from 59 to 128 employees. Part of this growth comes from the incorporation into the company’s ecosystem of three companies: ES3, which is specialized in digital production; Redbility, which works in the development of digital products and user experience, and True, a public relations agency.

The first two were acquired by PS21 in deals that were unveiled in October 2019. A month later, the company announced the launch of True, which, as stated at the time, was “the fruit of the union between credibility and creativity” and was born to “transform public relations with ideas at its core and with imagination and innovation as its main tools.



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Jungle21 becomes a B Corp company

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